14 Tips to Build a Dog House

A gift for a good friend never hurts. These 14 tips to build a dog house will help us get it. Daily living provides love, company, security and much joy to the whole family.

Factors to evaluate

There are several factors to take into account when building a dog house. You should think about the size, weight, age, and coat of the pet; A small, medium or large canine will have different needs.

We must also take into account the breed or if it is a puppy that will continue to grow; Your weight also increases every month as you reach adulthood. The fact that he has little or a lot of hair is also an important factor.

A safe and happy pet

The most important thing is that the pet feels safe, comfortable, happy, clean and spoiled day and night. The location is another fundamental aspect; Its space is usually placed in the garden, garage or in a place where the dog does not feel hot or cold, depending on the season.

The design of the dog house should be in accordance with its temperament and customs. There are dogs that are usually very active, restless, playful. Others are passive and sleepy.

A clean and dry shelter

Always remember that the dog’s house is a shelter that has to be kept clean and dry, isolated from dust, sand, wind or rain. Also, insects and vermin to prevent the dog from getting sick.

The ideal is to build a modern, practical and strong house for the pet. Your love, loyalty, and the company will be well paid.

14 tips to build a dog house

Here are some very important tips when building a dog house:

  • Dog houses can be built of wood or plastic. The material will depend on its location, outside or inside the house.
  • One recommendation is that the construction is of quality; It is durable, resists climate changes and is kept in good condition.
  • The base of the dog house can be made with wooden or concrete sheets (floor) on a surface higher than the floor. This can be covered with blankets that are easy to change and wash.
  • The length of the house should be one and a half times the length of the dog without the tail. The width will be estimated by measuring 3/4 of the length of the dog’s body, also without the tail.
  • For the height, you have to add ¼ more of the height to the head of the dog. In the calculation of the entry, six centimeters will be added to the measurement between the shoulders of the can.
  • The entrance must be appropriate to the size of the dog, preferably rectangular or semicircular. Wide enough to make it comfortable for you to enter and do not choose to sleep elsewhere.
  • If the house is made of wood, the idea is to build it with plywood plates, roof panels, and walls. It is convenient to varnish the interior to ensure the hygiene of the shelter.
  • Once you have the dimensions ready, you can cut the wood with an electric saw. You can also take them to the sawmill to have them cut to size. This will facilitate the construction process.
  • To join the plates we will use tips, cold glue, and screws.

Paint, ceiling, and containers in the house for our pet

  • When painting, use non-toxic materials Synthetic enamel or oil are ideal.
  • A removable roof, anchored with hinges, is recommended for easy cleaning. The roof should be inclined and have eaves to prevent rainwater, sun or snow from entering. You can also use asphalt shingles to give it a touch of elegance.
  • It is not advisable to fix the carpets inside the house. They will get dirty regularly and it will be difficult to change them. Instead, the best are bedspreads or pillows for the pet to rest.
  • It is best to keep containers for water and food out of the house. This will ensure a more durable cleaning.
  • The placement of accessories on the front will help you customize the house for your dog. A nameplate is essential. The brightly colored walls and hooks to hang your straps are excellent alternatives.

Your own space

A pet is always a good friend, part of the family and often the spoiled. Pampering, entertaining and loving him is part of our commitment to him. These 14 tips to build a dog house will give you your own space; You will be free to use it at will, to sleep or rest, according to your preferences.

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