Month: January 2020

Dogs Enjoy

14 Tips to Build a Dog House

A gift for a good friend never hurts. These 14 tips to build a dog house will help us get it. Daily living provides love, company, security and much joy to the whole family. Factors to evaluate There are several factors to take into account when building a dog house. You should think about the […]

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Rare Dogs

5 Famous Dogs of English Literature

Pets are not only present in our daily lives, but also in all kinds of works of art. This time we will dedicate ourselves to the famous dogs of English literature, mainly found in classics that you should read. What are the famous dogs of English literature? Some of them have been in our collective […]

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Buddy’s Diseases

Dogs with fear of heights?

Although our dogs may seem daring and appear to fear nothing, there are many dogs with fear of heights. It is true that cats are the best known in this of being climbers and climbing to high places, but also dogs like to jump and climb to certain places, which they sometimes do without thinking […]

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