5 Dogs That Do Not Cause Allergies

For some people having a pet is synonymous with sneezing, eyes with tears and a flushed nose. If that is your case, in this article we will tell you which are the dogs that do not cause allergies or that do not release so much hair and reduce reactions in humans.

Am I allergic to dogs?

Before meeting dogs that do not cause allergies, it would be good to identify the most common symptoms or reactions. The consequences of being close to a pet range from typical sneezing to headache, through throat itching, tearing or rashes. It all depends on how our immune system reacts.

It is worth noting that being allergic to dogs is really not ‘getting along’ with the hairs, saliva or dandruff that these animals present. All these elements may contain allergens, mainly the latter, that spread throughout the environment when the dog scratches or plays.

Dog breeds that do not cause allergies

The controversy has been installed from the moment that some indication that there are really no so-called ‘dogs that do not cause allergy ‘, but because of their hair type, or because they do not lose it too much, they significantly reduce reactions in people.

If you want to adopt a pet but suffer every time you are next to a dog, you may want to choose any of these breeds:

1. Yorkshire terrier

This small dog of British origin – a photo that opens this article – has been chosen as one of the best ‘hypoallergenic dogs’ because it does not lose any hair. We should only be careful when we comb it, because in that case it does give off strands, but to avoid sneezing it is as simple as opening the windows or brushing it outdoors.

The Yorkshire terrier also has the same skin pH as people, and that also prevents the immune system from reacting when we approach it.

2. Basenji

There are many characteristics of this dog that are worth being highlighted. To begin with, this race of African origin does not bark but emits a sound similar to the Tyrolean chant to communicate.

Having short hair – usually black, brown or brindle – almost does not shed strands when scratching or moving in your bed. In addition, the basenji does not give off a bad smell and, since he does not like water very much, he cleanses himself like cats.

3. Maltese Bichon

Believe it or not, this breed of fine and long hair is another of the dogs that do not cause allergies because they will not fall, but it does require daily care. A perfect companion animal that, despite its small size, is an excellent guardian.

4. Spanish water dog

This beautiful woolly medium-sized one is originally from Andalusia and was used both as a shepherd and as a companion on ships and for hunting. Nowadays he is chosen as a pet in Spanish and European houses.

The Spanish water dog does not lose hair and its fur is adapted, as the name implies, to get wet. Therefore, it does not give off that typical smell of dogs when they leave the house on rainy days.

5. Italian greyhound

Another of the dogs that do not cause allergies is the smallest of the family of the sightings, whose origin goes back more than 2,000 years. It has a very short and simple coat, hence it is chosen by those people who suffer reactions to pets.

The Italian greyhound is very active and its athletic body allows it to run at long speeds (up to 40 km / h). As for his temperament, we can indicate that he is cheerful, dependent on the owner, reserved with strangers, intelligent and sensitive.

Other dogs that do not cause allergy because they do not release hair are: Airedale Terrier, Hard-Haired Fox Terrier, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Chinese Crested, Samoyed and West Highland White Terrier.

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