Birthday party for dogs: tips to keep in mind

The dogs are some other members of the family, so we can decide to make a birthday party for dogs as a celebration of all the years we spent together. Before making your own, do not forget to keep these tips in mind:

Prepare a dog birthday party

Before preparing a birthday party for dogs we must keep in mind that the canids are not human: they have different needs from us. Therefore, we must adapt the party to your needs and not simply copy a children’s party.

Because dogs have a more sensitive ear than humans, they may not find it fun to have music. In the same way, your digestive tract is not the same, so we will have to prepare an adapted meal.

Finally, the idea of ​​fun for them is not the same as for our children: consider what games you can entertain the party and that animals can enjoy it. Even if the location of the party is the best for our four-legged friends or if they would have a better time elsewhere.

1. The food

In all the good parties there is food. However, dogs have different digestive needs than humans, so we will have to adapt the food to make sure we don’t cause them health problems.

The first tip, and essential if there is a birthday party for dogs running, is that there is no sugary or sweet food available to animals. Sugar is harmful to dogs, so if you make a cake or cookies they should be salted.

There are many recipes for cakes, cookies or even smoothies adapted for dogs. Also, you can always feed them other prizes, such as crispy vegetables and fruits, industrial biscuits, a better quality feed – and therefore better tasting – or cleaning strips to entertain gnawing.

2. The guests

All parties have guests, including birthday parties for dogs. Think about who you want to invite and if the group that is formed will create a good atmosphere. Normally, dogs have groups of friends formed in the parks where they play, but there may be a dog that creates conflicts with others.

Parties should be fun, enjoyable and memorable: when inviting animals, try to make sure everyone gets along with each other. There should be no place for fights or conflicts at a party.

Although the party is dedicated to dogs, remember that each of them must be accompanied by their human and that this should be responsible at all times. If the dog begins to feel uncomfortable, the human should be able to take it with him; I should also guide him in the games you play.

3. The location

The place where you decide to have a party is also very important. We usually think about making birthday parties for dogs inside the house, but maybe dogs would enjoy more than a walk in the bush or a nursery for dogs that you can rent for an afternoon.

Depending on the place where the birthday party for dogs is made you can invite more or fewer animals: dogs are easily stressed in the middle of crowds and there should be plenty of room to move, as well as remote places to relax.

4. The games

Depending on your plan for a party there may be time for games. But a party in itself already means a lot of stress for dogs: we advise you to bet on relaxing games and interactive toys, instead of physical games in which you run a lot or chase things.

A game that dogs will enjoy greatly is the olfactory carpet: distribute food cut into very small pieces on a carpet with long hair and let them use their nose to find the ones they like best.

A variation of this game may consist of hiding food in different places in the house: on the chairs, under the furniture, in a box …

Interactive toys are also interesting options: prize vending bottles, boxes filled with prizes, dried bones stuffed with pate, etc. Almost any game in which the nose intervenes will make all the dogs present enjoy.

5. Security

First, and like every activity, we do with our dog, safety is the most important thing: during the party, there should be no dangerous elements or food for dogs. Nor should dogs go that is going to have a bad time: animals with fears, insecurities or stress will not enjoy the moment.

In the same way, if the party is celebrated in a park or with a walk in the bush, all dogs must be well tied, know the command of the call and carry identification. If you are enjoying the moment there should be no risk of leaks, fines or a dog fleeing and disappearing.

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