Delicious Recipes for Ice Cream Poles for Dogs

During the summer, our pets lose a lot of water. Therefore, when the summer season approaches, we must be attentive to strengthen its hydration. An excellent way to achieve this is to prepare some delicious and refreshing ice cream poles for dogs.

Can dogs eat ice cream?

In principle, all dogs can enjoy a delicious ice cream on a warm summer day. However, when preparing ice cream poles for dogs we should not add ingredients that are harmful to their health. Therefore, in our recipes, we will not use chocolate, coffee, sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The idea is to make healthy popsicles with fruits beneficial to dogs, such as strawberries, apples, pears, peaches or blueberries. We also teach you to prepare an exquisite and practical salty ice cream that provides lean and good quality protein to your hairy.

Also, as many adult dogs are allergic to lactose, we will not use milk in our preparations. To obtain a creamy ice cream, we can use vegetable milk (from rice, for example) or natural yogurt reduced in lactose.

Another excellent option is to use kefir to prepare very nutritious ice cream for your dog. This natural probiotic stimulates intestinal transit, strengthens the immune system and prevents various pathologies. Therefore, incorporating it as a natural supplement in your diet can be very beneficial, always with the proper guidance of the veterinarian.

Here are four recipes for ice cream poles for dogs that are very nutritious and easy to make.

Ice cream poles for dogs with tutti-frutti flavor

This ice cream is ideal to combine the flavors and properties of two or more beneficial fruits for our hairy. In this recipe, we use banana, apple, and strawberries to provide high-quality fiber and vitamins.


  • ½ medium sliced ​​banana
  • Half apple cut into wedges and seeded
  • Two medium strawberries
  • ½ cup of rice vegetable milk
  • Pinch of cinnamon powder


  • First, we crush the banana slices, apple wedges, and strawberries and add the rice vegetable milk.
  • Next, we put the pinch of cinnamon and mix gently.
  • We take the molds for poles and pour the processed mixture. Then we cover the preparation with vegetable paper or plastic film to avoid contamination.
  • Another option is to make a small hole in the paper or film and introduce a firm snack. In this way, we can hold the frozen poles for dogs, without getting our hands dirty when they are ready.
  • Now just take the molds to the freezer and wait for them to be ready to serve our pet.

Zero-lactose apple express poles

This recipe is perfect to make when we don’t have much time and we want to offer our dog tasty ice cream. In this preparation, we will use only apple, water, and the ice cube mold. As they are made from water, they have no lactose and can be offered to all dogs.


  • 1 medium apple cut into wedges and seeded.
  • ½ cup of water at room temperature.


  1. To prepare this pole for dogs, we crush the seedless apple wedges with the water.
  2. Then, we put this processed mixture in the ice cube mold and take it to the freezer.
  3. When the ice cream is ready, just offer two or three cubes to your best friend, depending on their size and age.

Frosted poles for dogs with chicken, potatoes, and carrots

These ice cream poles for dogs are very tasty and offer a good supply of protein, minerals, and vitamins. To elaborate on them, we will need a little more time than the previous recipes, but our pet will love the result. This preparation is also zero lactose, but should not be offered to dogs allergic to chicken.


  • A chicken breast. We can also use the thigh.
  • A carrot.
  • A medium potato
  • ½ tablespoon olive oil (optional).
  • Water is a necessary quantity.


  1. To start, place the chicken, carrot, and potato to boil with water in the necessary amount. When the ingredients are well cooked, turn off the heat and let cool.
  2. Then we crush the ingredients with a little of the broth resulting from cooking until obtaining a creamy porridge. If we want, we can add olive oil at this time.
  3. We pour the porridge in the molds for poles or in another container and take the preparation to the freezer.
  4. When the frozen poles for dogs are ready, we can serve them to our best friends and see how they enjoy it.

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