Diapers and panties for dogs: males and females, incontinent and disabled

If your dog or cat has incontinence problems, perhaps because it is still puppy or because it is very old, you should opt for an absorbent the best dog diapers to prevent it from getting dirty in the house, for example on the sofa or on the new carpet.

You can find the type of diaper that suits you and your dog’s needs both in specialist shops and online.

For example, both male and female dog diapers are available on the market, in the latter case the needs to be covered are very special, so nothing should be left to chance.

Diapers for dogs in heat

While for males diapers are used exclusively in cases of incontinence, for females they are also useful in what coincides with their menstrual period or heat.

Diapers for Trixie dogs

Disposable diapers for female dogs in a pack of 12 hygienic pieces for female incontinence in heat in post-operative phase and during travel. Elastic bands.

Generally the heat period lasts from eighteen to twenty-one to twenty-two days, but the heat has different durations depending on the subject.
This period is divided into 3 phases:

  • The prostrate, which coincides with the dog’s blood loss and can last from six to twelve/thirteen days;
  • The estrous, the period in which the bitch accepts mating and which can last from five to fifteen days.
  • During this period the losses gradually become clearer until they disappear completely.
  • The anesthetic, which is the period following the oestrus, and which generally lasts from five to seven months.
  • This is the period when the bitch is in a hormonal quiescent state.

During this period of her life, to avoid dirtying the house leaving indelible stains, you have to opt for diapers tailored for them. They are generally available in 5 different sizes, from XS to XL to suit all breeds and sizes.

Diapers and panties for incontinent dogs

Diapers or diapers for incontinent dogs are specially designed to have a high absorbency power in order to help you in the different phases of your dog’s life: whether they are puppies that have not yet learned to wait for the time of the walk, whether they are post-operative dogs, elderly, disabled or temporarily ill.

For all these reasons we must take care of our faithful four-legged friend with all the love and attention possible, the same that they give us.

It is better to avoid a do-it-yourself remedy by trying to adapt a baby diaper, because it is not designed for them and without the comfort they need, bearing in mind that they are forced to wear something that is not in their nature, so it is essential that the use is as simple as possible.

Diapers designed for them, for example, are equipped with a hole for the tail, to make it easier for them when they wear them so that they can move around as if they were not wearing them.

Most diapers on sale have a Velcro fastener on the back so that they are easy to use.

All you need to do is put your tail through the hole and pass the diaper between your legs. Then you’ll need to close the diaper using the Velcro on the back.

Also for this type of diapers you can choose the most suitable one for the size of the hairy family: from Xs (ideal for puppies, Pekinese, Chihuahuas and Maltese), to Xl or XXL for dogs like Greyhounds or Dobermans.

There are two modes depending on the duration of use: according to the needs you can choose between disposable models, to be thrown in the trash after use or washable versions.

The latter type of diaper or hygienic panties is able to absorb a bladder drain full of your dog’s urine. In addition, for older dogs or dogs with partial incontinence, they can also be used for a whole day.

The waterproof outer part is made of laminated polyurethane, while the inner part in contact with the dog is made of a very soft microfleece fabric. The absorbent part is made of microfibre and contains an antibacterial agent to control odours.

If, after use, you need to wash it together with other things, first soak it in cold water, or rinse it in the washing machine with cold water. For females in heat, it is recommended to replace and wash as needed. Once used, the diaper should be washed in hot water at 60 degrees with a spoonful of detergent.

Try not to exaggerate with the use of bleach, stain removers, an excessive dose of detergent and fabric softeners that can make the tissues lose absorbency or even ruin them.

It is preferable to dry them in the sun, but if the season does not allow it, they can also be put in a tumble dryer on a gentle cycle or next to a non direct heat radiator.

Among the diapers ass

Among the disposable absorbent diapers for dogs, the Trixie model with the elastic band at the waist and legs that guarantees a good fit is certainly very comfortable.

These disposable products are highly absorbent with tail opening and wide adhesive closures on both sides. Also for this model you can choose between male and female dog models.

Even the diapers of Camon and Fortesan are recommended by professionals in the field: they are in fact companies with years of experience behind them able to make professional products at a very low cost (the price of a pack of diapers for dogs starts in fact from just over 5 euros).

There are also hygienic panties made of a resistant machine-washable fabric with a band to contain sanitary towels to be changed and thrown away after use.

Also in this case the sale price usually does not exceed 10 euros. You can search online, for example on Amazon the various opinions of those who have already used these products with their prices.

If you prefer absorbent mats you can choose between two different comfortable sizes: 60X60 or 60×90. They are also on the market containers in which you can comfortably lay these mats making it clear to your faithful 4-legged friend that this is the only place where he is allowed to do it in case of need.

Some of them are also green to mimic the grass in order to entice him to do his needs even when you are out for a walk with him.

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