Do You Want Extra Money? Take a Walk for Dogs

Life is getting more stressed and less time to take care of things other than work or home. Our pets are a priority in our lives, but sometimes we may lack time to attend to it as we wish. That is why a new way of working has become fashionable: walking dogs. Would you like to try? Well, we tell you how to do it.

Can you make money just by walking dogs?

Well yes, you can. In fact, we will tell you about a true story: César Milan. Yes, the same one that you are thinking and which is known as ‘the dog lover’. When he emigrated to the United States, he spent two months living in the street until he finally started walking dogs and working as a canine hairdresser.

This job allowed him to rent an apartment in a short time, because ‘word of mouth’ made many clients look for him. We know the rest of the story. Obviously, we do not mean by this that all those who walk for dogs are going to become famous, but it is a job with which you can live, or at least earn an extra.

If you don’t have a job, or you have a lot of expenses and need a little more money, walking dogs can be an excellent option to get out of the bump you are going through. Do you want to know how?

What do you need to walk dogs?

Love for the animals

This is paramount. You must love animals, treat them with love and give them the required care. If not, this will not only be noticed by dogs, but also by the owners. Think that dogs have reactions to us as we treat them. The owners will see if their animals are happy when they see you or are afraid. If you don’t like animals, you better not get entangled.

Know how to act in case of an accident

An animal is a responsibility, and from one moment to another many things can happen. It could happen that the animal gets sick while walking or that it suffers an accident with a car or with another dog. It is essential that you know how to react to situations of this kind to save the animal’s life.


There is no better job than what is done with passion. Enjoy every walk with pets and put passion when you do. This will allow you to enjoy what you do and the dogs will have a much better time.

Social networks

This will be the first step towards fame as a dog walker. The networks are the best way to broadcast for any information. Offer your services in your profile, the profiles of your friends and in buying and selling groups in your community, as well as the employee groups in the area where you live. Surely the same day someone contacts you.

Find out about prices

Depending on the area in which the prices are exercised, they may vary, so that you do not charge little, nor much, you can look for rates from others that are dedicated to the same or similar things.

It offers other services

Once you have started walking dogs, think that many people may need other services, such as taking the dog to the veterinarian, taking care of it for a few hours or even staying at home to take care of their pets while they are on vacation.

As you get clients, let them know that you are willing to do this type of work also if they wish.

Be honest

If you are honored and do your work in the agreed time, for the established price, and you also put passion and commitment in it, while you treat animals with love, as in the case of César Milan ‘word of mouth’ It will work and every time you will have more customers.

All beginnings are difficult, but with determination and perseverance, you can have results even sooner than you think. The courage you can.

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