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The family of shorthaired dogs is made up of mostly European breeds, which share a common past and several similar characteristics. In this article, we will tell you about them.

The shorthaired dogs: how many breeds are there

In total today we can find 11 breeds of shorthaired dogs and two German sub-terraces. Until the middle of the last century, there was one more race, the shorty of Puy (France), now extinct. These are the main exponents of the family:

1. German shorthaired pointer

Within this first breed of shorthaired dogs, we can find two sub-terraces. The best known is that of short hair – a photo that opens this article – created in the 1800s for the hunting of birds and wild boars. Its main characteristics are superior smell to other dogs, elegant style, extraordinary intelligence, physical resistance and passion for water.

In the case of the German shorthaired pointer, he has also been used to hunt birds – including falcons – since the late 19th century. It is a calm dog, easy to guide and with a good temperament. Medium size, ‘wire’ hair and a short tail.

2. Weimar Braco

In German, it is called Weimaraner and is one of the most famous Braco dogs in the world. It is an excellent collector and hunter of short and thick brown fur, and whose name is due to a duke.

When he is born, Weimar’s shorthaired man has blue eyes, but after three months they change to an amber tone. Another distinctive feature of the breed is its large ears and falls forward. It is a very energetic and healthy dog, does not like to be left alone at home and needs to exercise a lot every day.

3. Hungarian Braco

The vizsla is one of the most famous Braco family dogs, used as a pet or for hunting. It is very active and requires at least one hour of exercise each day. His nose is superior to that of other races and he likes water very much; It is considered the national animal of Hungary and its origins date back to the 10th century.

It is short and completely brown fur, its ears are large and drooping forward, and its long thin tail. His body is athletic, with elongated legs – more than the back – and large square head.

4. Italian Bracco

In ancient times there were two sub- terraces of Italian Braco, one adapted to the mountain and another to the plain. However, at present, they have been ‘united’ and there is only one standard. It is a sample dog, with a physique similar to that of the other hounds: long legs, large ears, thin tail, and square truffle.

The Italian Braco is distinguished from others by its fur, which is white with patches and lights brown polka dots. The ears and the surroundings of the eyes are darker. The rest of the marks are specific to each copy.

5. French shorthaired pointer

The last of the shorthaired dogs on this list is one of the five breeds of this family whose origin is French (added to the extinct Puy would be six). It developed in the Pyrenees area and is quite exotic outside this region.

The French Braco is medium in size, his body is muscular and has long slender legs. The head is almost all brown, but the rest of the fur may have dark spots or spots on a light basis. He gets along very well with children and other dogs and adapts to any weather.

What are the other brace dogs that we have not described in this list? The Tyrolean (Austria), the American and the French of Ariége, Auvergne, Bourbon, and Saint Germain.

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