The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

The market is full of options that will delight the most committed owners. With this little list, you will find the best gifts for dog lovers and you will make more than one animal happy.

That your pet walks is outdated: know the dog carrier backpack

As if it were a baby carrier, this accessory – which is ravaging the millennial public – allows you to transport your dog around the city comfortably behind your back. This gift for lovers of the most innovative dogs can be found in a variety of shapes and colors, just as with the traditional baby carrier.

One of the most famous and peculiar backpacks incorporates a kind of ‘ window’ in the style of a space capsule so that your pet can observe what happens around it. It is suitable for cats and dogs of small size, as well as for owners without a sense of ridicule.

Fashion accessories, the best gifts for dog lovers with style

The world of accessories and dog clothes unleashes hatreds and passions among the public. Some, like this felt bow tie necklace, can give your pet the distinguished air you were looking for. A yellow fluoride raincoat, meanwhile, will protect small dogs with a fun and original touch from the rain.

However, certain owners may become too enthusiastic and end up subjecting their pets to real Chinese torture to take a memorable photo for Instagram.

Dora the explorer for dogs or the bacon costume are clear examples of this phenomenon that seeks to characterize animals as if they were people.

Pet furniture beyond IKEA

Gifts for dog lovers who truly want to invest in their pets not only seek functionality, but also style and comfort for their shared home.

Small details are enough, such as a ceramic bowl with a minimalist print where to store your dog’s favorite cookies, or this aesthetic cactus-shaped toy, to renew the aesthetics of your home.

We must not forget, however, that dogs will be happy with almost anything you give them, and that they care little about the pattern of their coat or the price of their leash. Your presence and your love will always be your best gift.

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